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Senior Division
Rochester, Minnesota, United States
App Inventor


This app bridges the gap between immigrants and their new communities. We recognize that the immigrant community has difficulties in locating resources that will allow them to thrive in their new community. We believe everyone, no matter their nationality, should have equal opportunities to better themselves and others without the lack of resources preventing their success. Our mission is to help provide immigrants with easily accessible resources to improve their quality of life in a foreign community.

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Bridge video closing slide

Regional Pitch Events

Virtual judging teams do not upload presentation slides

B.A.S.I.C. BALSA earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
We used strings to set the variables which were used to set the labels text.
We used variables
We used variables to set the labels text.
We used lists
We used a list to store information for a fusion table.
We used conditionals
We used it to set the language with conditional statements.

Databases and Connectivity

We used external db
We used a fusion table as our external database to store names, addresses, webpages, and phone number.

Mobile Features

We used sms phone
We used phone call to call the businesses and/or resources in our database.

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
Bridge paper prototype
Event flow chart
Bridge flow chart