Senior Division
Rochester, Minnesota, United States
App Inventor


Wellness of the mind and mental balance are two things that many people struggle with today, and building a mobile app can create a catalyst to a future solution for this complex problem. The app DiscoverMe creates a reference point for those who need a moment to breathe in their hectic life. Through the usage of journals, logs, meditation, resources, and music, individuals are able to achieve this. The goal of DiscoverMe is to create a connection inside oneself, hoping that one day, with the help of our app, that the user could lead to a start in better mental well-being.


Regional Pitch Events

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Sh.A.U.C.K. earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
Strings were used to either show text-based information or store user text input.
We used numbers
Numbers were used to either indicate numerical values or store user number input.
We used variables
Different types of variables, including string, number, variable, boolean, or arraylist, were utilized to store non-static information.
We used lists
Several lists were implemented to store user inputs and outputted to show trend summary.

Databases and Connectivity

We used local db
We implemented two databases: one is tinyDB from MIT App Inventor to store user data, and the other is Fusion Table from Google to store global data information.

Mobile Features

We used sms phone
Users have access to resources that are listed, and are given the option to call the resource of their choice. The user clicks on a button, and are directed to their phone app.
We used sound
The sound or speaker was implemented in our app when the user wants to listen to music or meditate with sounds.
We used clock
The clock was implemented in our app through the usage of dates when the user enters an entry or data, or when a user wants to retrieve previous entries or data.

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
Event flow chart
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