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Computer Glitz

Senior Division
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, United States
Java or Android Studio


Our mission is to stop the waste of donatable items. About 26 billion pounds of clothing ends up in the trash every year. Items that could be donated are simply being thrown away. One in three people who don’t donate items say it’s because it’s easier to throw things away. GiveBack provides a solution. Unlike other apps, GiveBack allows for pick-ups. Donors schedule a pick-up of their donatable items and organizations process the donors request in a simple, efficient system. GiveBack increases donations by making the process of donating easier, stopping our world’s evergrowing waste.

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Regional Pitch Events

Virtual judging teams do not upload presentation slides

Computer Glitz earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
Our team used strings to define mostly all of the information in our array lists.
We used numbers
We used numbers for the numbers in our array lists.
We used variables
We put our string into variables and to define our array lists and text fields
We used lists
We used arrays to store most of our information about transactions, donor record, and organization records.
We used booleans
We used booleans to see if the organizations are verified.
We used conditionals
Donor or organization at login determines which menu gets displayed.

Databases and Connectivity

We used external db
We store the array lists in a database.

Mobile Features

We used sound
We used a sound for when the notification comes up.
We used clock
We used the clock to have the time displayed for pickup.

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
Download the PDF
Event flow chart
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