JELLP Gang is a startup founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company was conceived due to the need seen in our academic environment. The founders of the company are Paula Caruso, Larissa Rangel, Juliana Almeida, Elaine de Castro e Letícia Leal.
Ages 18, 16, and 17
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App Name

Love  Pills

App Description

The app Love Pills was primarily created to help young people in anxiety or panic crisis moments, using virtual resources. It does not replace the psychological treatment, but can help during the treatment offering specific techniques to medicate anxiety crisis.
It's split into a part that consists in "I'm crisis" and another that is "I'm fine".
In the first option, you'll have some exercices about breathing sequence and other appropriate techniques to help you exactly when you need it.

Sustainable Development Goal


Because the app is used to help people with anxiety disorder, which is inserted in mental health.

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App Inventor 2
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