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Git With the Program

Senior Division
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

My Mini Museum

This exciting and educational app, made in cooperation with the Minneapolis Institute of Art, allows users take photo’s of artwork; write a summary about the artwork; and add this information to their virtual museum floor plan. The intent of this app is to promote cultural literacy and interest in the arts in younger generations. The app will motivate kids and young adults to recognize museums as a place to learn and have fun by allowing them to curate their own virtual museum.

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Regional Pitch Events

Virtual judging teams do not upload presentation slides

Git With the Program earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
We used a string to display questions on top left screen, top right screen, bottom left screen, and bottom right screen.
We used variables
We used a variable to store the value of how many photos the user has filled in their museum
We used booleans
We used a boolean to enable buttons after the user places their photo.
We used conditionals
We used a conditional statement to determine where users place their art.

Databases and Connectivity

We used local db
We used a local database to store the images between screens.

Mobile Features

We used camera
We used the camera feature to allow users to take photos of art within the app.

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
Fullsizeoutput 6d7
Event flow chart
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