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Senior Division
Kanech, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
App Inventor

One Click Safety

One Click Safety is a student-developed app. Its idea is to make users feel and be safer with only one click. Our app includes three buttons. The first button starts a loud alarm that can only be switched off by entering their chosen passcode. The second sends the users location to the person’s emergency contacts with a pre-configured message telling them the user is in potential danger. The last button automatically takes a picture from both the back and front cameras and sends them to the user’s emergency contacts and saves the pictures on the user’s device.

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Regional Pitch Events

Virtual judging teams do not upload presentation slides

L.A.S.H. earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
We used a string to set and let the user edit the emergency message.
We used numbers
We used a number to see if the password had four characters or not.
We used variables
We used a variable called contacts that included a list with the user´s emergency contacts.
We used lists
We stored the user´s emergency contacts in a list.

Databases and Connectivity

We used local db
We save the user´s emergency contacts here.

Mobile Features

We used sms phone
We used text messaging to send the user´s emergency contacts an emergency message.

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
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Event flow chart
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