Smart Teens

Junior Division
Rivne, Rivnens'ka oblast, Ukraine
App Inventor

Study helper

This app is a platform for students and tutors, where they will be able to find each other. With the help of this app, we want to simplify the process of searching both it`s quite difficult to find a tutor in certain subjects in Rivne.
How does this work?
- Create the announcement in a smartphone
- Reply to messages directly in the chat
- Share the announcements on social networks
- View new announcements
It`s planned to bring in about 250 followers during first six months, which will start the process of solving the problem of finding a tutor.

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Junior teams do not upload a business plan

Regional Pitch Events

Virtual judging teams do not upload presentation slides

Smart Teens earned 10 points for their code checklist.

Technical Components

We used strings
We use strings while we open another screen for choosing the screen we need
We used numbers
We use numbers only textbox which asks for customer's age
We used lists
We use lists for choosing types of subjects in tutor profile
We used conditionals
We use them in registration process for choosing profile type

Databases and Connectivity

We used external db
We will connect our application to database when we will launch it.

Mobile Features

We used sms phone
We plan to use massaging for faster comunnication between tutor and student

Pictures of the process

Paper prototype
Event flow chart
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